Acme  Electric

In 1917,  Acme Electric began its legacy of producing top performing electrical  products in Cleveland, OH. Founded by C.H. Bunch, G.R. Hillstrom, J.B.  Armitage, R.A. Lais, and G.R. Sawitzke as Acme Electric and Machine Company,  the initial product offering consisted of motor-driven battery chargers,  electrical appliances, and electrical generators.

ACS  Unifab

The  ACS/Uni-Fab product line features integrated laborsaving modular wiring  solutions for commercial and industrial lighting and power applications. Our  plug and play wiring system is one of the industry’s most respected and is  used in large, safety critical projects for applications such as stadiums,  hospitals, schools, retail, office complexes, and heavy industry.

AFC  Cable Systems

AFC is a  leading brand for electrical distribution products. These include pre-wired  armored and metal clad cables, flexible wiring systems, flexible metal,  non-metallic, and flexible metallic liquid tight conduits, and fittings used  in the construction and modernization of commercial office buildings,  institutional facilities, shopping centers and multi-family dwellings.

Allied Tube & Conduit

Allied Tube & Conduit® is a leading brand for EMT, IMC, and Rigid conduits made of steel, PVC, and Aluminum. We have products and engineered solutions to meet every application challenge and are continually evolving to serve you better.

American  Pipe & Plastics

American  Pipe & Plastics, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of PVC (polyvinyl  chloride) conduit for the Telecommunications , Power Utility , Cable TV  (CATV) and Fiber Optic underground infrastructure markets.

Atkore  International

Atkore  International delivers a unique portfolio of integrated electrical raceway  solutions that deploy, isolate and protect a structure’s electrical circuitry  from curb to outlet. Atkore’s mission is to be the customer’s first choice  for electrical raceway and complementary high value products, by providing  unmatched quality, delivery and value based on sustainable excellence in  strategy, people and processes.

Bell  Outdoor

BELL®  was founded in 1946 in south Chicago, Illinois. The BELL brand has become  synonymous with weatherproof. In fact, the term “BELL Box” is a generic term  used by electricians nationally. BELL is THE leader in commercial and  residential weatherproof product solutions.


BryantElectric  offers wiring device solutions for industrial, commercial, institutional and  residential markets.


BURNDY® was founded on July 19, 1924 as Burndy Engineering Company in Brooklyn, New York, by science historian and civic leader Bern Dibner. The name BURNDY® is a contraction of Dr. Dibner’s first name and last initial, “BERN D”. Dr. Dibner designed and patented a universal connector, requiring neither soldering nor welding thereby enabling a unified grid.


Cableform  provides safe, reliable, and environmentally sound DC control solutions used  in harsh industrial environments through excellence in engineering, customer  service, quality and innovation.


Calbond  offers a complete line of PVC coated conduit, fittings and accessories for  the protection of electrical conduit systems in highly corrosive  environments. The quality conduit bodies are provided with 2 mil urethane on  the inside and 40 mil PVC coating on the exterior. All fittings incorporate  flexible overlapping sleeves ensuring a tight seal at every connection.


Calbrite  is a leader in stainless steel conduit systems for harsh and corrosive  environments. Our portfolio includes stainless conduit, elbows, nipples,  fittings, strut, device boxes, covers, cord grips, explosion proof fittings,  and accessories.


Calconduit  is a supplier and manufacturer of galvanized rigid and EMT conduit, sweeps,  bends, elbows, nipples, couplings and fittings. Known as the bending experts,  Calconduit provides distributors and their customers with special radius  sweeps and custom bends.

Calpipe  Security Bollards

Calpipe  Security Bollards has developed bollards solutions for some of the most  populated and high-profile public spaces in the world to create a protective  or architectural perimeter intended to protect pedestrians, drivers and a  building’s architecture.

Cobra  Systems

Cobra  Systems™ is at the cutting edge of perimeter security in the global  marketplace, producing high-tech barbed tape for industrial facilities,  prisons, and military operations.


Columbia-MBF  represents a full line of steel conduit (EMT and Rigid), PVC conduit,  aluminum conduit, armored cable and a range of elbows, nipples, and couplings  for the Canadian market. Our conduit products are engineered for quicker,  easier, and safer installation, featuring the latest advances in conduit  technology.

Communications  Integrators

Communications  Integrators, Inc. (Cii) is dedicated to manufacturing high quality, modular  electrical and voice data products that significantly increase building value  while promoting environmentally sound practices.


Cope is  a premier brand of cable management solutions, featuring a full array of  metallic and non-metallic cable tray. The offering includes ladder tray,  channel tray, wire basket tray, and our newest product line addition, I-beam  tray, along with a full portfolio of accessories. Cope cable management  solutions are suitable for power and datacom systems alike.

Eastern  Wire + Conduit

Eastern  Wire + Conduit is a top brand of specialty and data transmission cables,  conduit, and firestop products, Eastern Wire + Conduit is a leader in the  development of specialty protection and identification products and services,  especially with regards to Optical Fiber and UTP copper wire.

Flexicon  Limited

Flexible  metallic and non-metallic conduit and fittings manufactured and tested to  meet and exceed the high AS/NZ standards giving total peace of mind.

Gleason  Reel

Cable  Reels, Hose Reels, Cord Reels and Grounding Reels

Hawke  International

Experience  you can rely on to get your crane back up to full speed quickly and easily.

Heritage  Plastics

Heritage  Plastics was founded in July of 1992. It is an American owned manufacturer of  PVC conduit, fittings, elbows, special radius sweeps and plumbing products.


At  HIPOTRONICS we believe that access to safe and reliable power is not just  aprivilege, but a right. By providing innovative and dependable  test and measurement solutions to our customers around the world, we  help make this dream a reality.

Hubbell  Industrial Controls

Providing  AC & DC Control Solutions for Over 100 Years

Hubbell  Marine Electrical Products

Rugged,  solid, safe, and reliable – that’s what marine wiring devices from Hubbell  Wiring Device-Kellems are designed to be. Every marine product we manufacture  can face the harshest of conditions without sacrificing performance.

Hubbell  Wiring Device-Kellems

Hubbell  is the trusted leader in electrical connection, motor control and wire  management device products, and we have more feature-rich solutions for you  than ever before.


Kaf-Tech  is a well recognized brand of pre-wired armored and metal-clad cables (AC  & MC), Liquid-Tuff Conduit, and specialty cables. Specialty MC Cables  include Red Fire Alarm/Control Cable™, Parking Deck/Lot Cables™, Home Run  Cable®, and Super Neutral Cable®.


Established  in 1913, Killark has become a global provider of harsh and hazardous location  products. The Killark range encompasses industrial and explosion proof  fittings engineered to withstand the toughest extremes in climate from the  dry and arid Middle East, tropical Asia to frozen Northern Canada.

Klein  Tools

Klein  Tools is committed to American Manufacturing, since 1857. For over 160 years  Klein Tools has remained dedicated to professional tradesmen worldwide, with  a commitment to manufacturing the world's finest hand tools right here in  America.

Konkore  Fittings

Konkore  Fittings manufactures electrical fittings for the electrical raceway offering  more than 1,500 SKUs and numerous labor savings products for EMT, Rigid,  Liquidtight, Flex, AC, & MC, Conduit Bodies, Covers & Gaskets.

Marco  Cable Management

A  leading U.K. designer and manufacturer of wire basket cable tray and PVC  trunking, the design philosophy of Marco’s tray is to be lightweight, quick  and cost effective. This philosophy is complemented by a range of fast fix  accessories which have been specially designed to keep installation as quick  and convenient as possible, therefore reducing on-site costs.


Our  highly experienced engineering staff are experts in Fire Pump Control  Systems. This means we can work with our clients from specification through  to design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and continuous service  and maintenance. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further  product information or assistance, a quote or engineering guidance.

Metron  Eledyne

Metron  and Metron Eledyne are leading global providers of Fire Pump Control  Systems.  Both Metron and Metron  Eledyne serve the Worldwide market covering commercial, residential,  industrial premises and also specialises in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical  Fields.

Powerohn  Resistors

Powerohm  is a world-class, customer-driven manufacturer of power resistor products.  The Powerohm team is committed to providing the highest value, highest  quality product at attractive prices.   Started in Houston, Texas in 1996, Powerohm has made a rapid impact on  the way people think about power resistor products. Our customer base now  boasts many of the top industrial manufacturing firms.


Power-Strut  represents a line of steel, aluminum, and fiberglass strut and accessories  used extensively in electrical infrastructure support. Power-Strut is  available in a range of corrosion inhibiting finishes making it a prime  choice in today’s marketplace. The Power-Strut system is infinitely  adjustable for a multitude of configurations and uses.


RACO®  is a leading manufacturer of steel electrical boxes, covers, and commercial  fittings. One of the oldest brands in the electrical industry, our name is  synonymous with quality and innovation. One of our innovative features found  on our steel boxes are TKO Knockouts. TKO Knockouts offer greater flexibility  with combination 1/2 in. and 3/4 in. knockouts. This feature is UL Listed  providing bonding without the use of bonding jumpers.

Razor  Ribbon

Razor  Ribbon is the premier brand of barbed tape representing experience,  expertise, and industry leading design for the protection of critical  infrastructure such as correctional facilities, commercial facilities, and  military applications. Innovative products include Triple Strand Rapid  Deployment Unit for rapidly emerging threats.


RigPower,  a member of the Hubbell Inc. group of companies, is a leading manufacturer of  Single Pole and Bolted High-Amperage Connectors for Use on Land Based and  Off-Shore Drilling Rigs and other High-Amperage Power Generation  Applications.

Steel  Components Inc

Steel  Components, Inc. is an Electrical Manufacturer specializing in the  manufacturing of a quality line of Steel and Malleable Iron Electrical  Fittings.


TayMac® Inc. was acquired by Hubbell in April,  2012. TayMac was a perfect bolt-on to the industry leading BELL® brand.  TayMac is synonymous with the “In-use" cover. TayMac's founder invented  the first "In-Use" cover solution.   Now with Hubbell’s backing, the TayMac brand continues to flourish by  setting the standard with industry leading innovation of "In-Use"  cover technologies.

Tectron  Tube

Tectron  Tube represents a full line of commercial quality mechanical tubing,  manufactured with excellence to specification with tight tolerances and  precision. The Tectron offering includes round, square, rectangle, and oval  shaped tubing to meet a wide array of commercial and industrial applications.


Unistrut is the original metal framing system featuring a unique weldless connection. The Unistrut system eliminates welding and drilling, and is easily adjustable and reusable for infinite configurations. Unistrut has evolved from a simple connection concept to a comprehensive engineered building and support system featuring a robust line of channels, fittings, fasteners, hangers, pipe clamps, and accessories.

Unistrut  Construction

Unistrut  Construction operates as a specialty contractor with capabilities including  conceptual design, engineering and installation services. Specialties include  strut and non-strut related applications for medical equipment supports,  engineered fall protection systems, structural ceiling grids, and data center  equipment supports. Unistrut Construction is one of the only installers for  metal framing applications with full North American coverage.

Vantage  Technology

VANTAGEwas founded in 1997 with the  goal of being the premier manufacturer of explosion proof  connectors.With the foundation of expert personnel and the procurement  of the proven Pyle-National explosion proof StarLine connector series, Vantage  has developed the most extensive line of third party certified explosion  proof connectors.


Vergokan  manufactures and sells metal cable support systems with manufacturing  facilities in Belgium and Russia, exporting its products to western and  Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Africa, South America and Oceanië.


Wiegmann  has a tradition of quality that is not only apparent in its products but that  is also recognized via its superior operation, reliable performance, and  dependable service. This is what distinguishes Wiegmann from the rest of the  competition! In today's fast pace, lean environment, its about flexibility,  focus and the relentless pursuit of listening to the customer.


Wirecon’s  extensive offering of high quality self-contained devices (SCD) provides a  cost-effective means to provide electrical power and switching to  manufactured structures and recreational vehicle industries. Wirecon SCDs  look identical to standard switches and receptacles and w the new WT900M  installation tool, installing Wirecon devices is easier than ever.

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