Technological Advances in the Construction Industry

How to capture and track the impact rework has on a project's productivity and profit

Dr. Perry Daneshgari
NOV 18, 2016

Over the years it has become commonplace to review, discuss and sometimes laugh at the material orders received from jobsite foreman. Our team members cringe at each other’s day-to- day difficulty deciphering bad handwriting, unknown materials and sometimes even abstract sketches of what our foremen are ordering. Gofor has a tremendous impact alleviating these types of issues. Using the Nevaka for material orders would decreases the time it takes to decipher what our foremen have written and/or described on their material orders.

Nevaka also alleviates the issue of missing information. For example, when a foreman orders a 4” square junction box, they will no longer have to remember to write down the depth and knockout sizes because this information will be a part of their initial line item selection. Another great feature of the application is the pictures. As we all know, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ The pictures within the application will assist our foremen in navigating the application and selecting exactly what they are looking for.

We would use Nevaka on all of our projects and service accounts at Melton Electric. This application will save us countless hours in communication, order/delivery time and re-work. Our team will be anxiously awaiting the future growth of the Nevaka application and look forward to the iOS version.

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